Next Generation Concrete Surface

Acoustical Effects of Grinding and Grooving on Portland Cement Concrete Pavements

Arizona I-10 EB NGCS and CDG Test Section Draft Construction Report

California Friction Testing at MnROADs

Chicago I-355 NB OSBI Test Results

Chicago I-355 Testing of NCHRP 10-67 Site

Chicago I-355 Validation of Purdue TPTA Results

Development and Implementation of the Next Generation Concrete Surface (NGCS)

Duluth I-35 NGCS Open House OBSI Testing

Evaluation of Long Term Performance and Noise Characteristics of the Next Generation Concrete Surface (NGCS)

Evaluation of Grind and Groove (Next Generation Concrete Surface) Pilot Projects in California UCPRC-RR-2013-01

Field Evaluation of the Effect of Joint Sealant on Transverse Joint Slap Noise

Innovative Diamond Grinding on MnROAD Cells 7, 8, 9 and 37

Kansas I-70 Surface Texture Test Section OBSI Evaluation

Low Noise Diamond Grinding (LNDG) Tested in New South Wales, Australia

MnROADs I-94 NGCS, NGCS Lite and CDG OBSI Test Results

MnROADs Low Volume Road Joint Effect Field Validation Testing

MnROADS Low Volume Road Testing to Validate the Purdue TPTA Textures and Predicted Joint Effects

MnROADs NGCS Lite and Test Strip Evaluation

Next Generation Concrete Surface (NGCS) Fact Sheet

NGCS Construction on Existing or Newly Constructed Roadways Specification (2014)

NGCS Fact Sheet

NGCS Test Section Construction on New and Existing Roadways Specification (2014)

OBSI Testing of Iowa US 30 Diamond Ground Surfaces

OBSI Testing of MnROADs I-94 WB Exposed Aggregate and Diamond Ground Test Sections